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Welcome to Maryanne Kourouche Training

Teaching hairdressers
Bridging the Gap with Education

Helping your salon turnover & profit GROW

Meet Maryanne

Independent Educator & Curly Hair Expert

Supporting the growth of your salon

Maryanne Kourouche is a Sydney based Independent Educator and the founder of Transition Emporium & Curly Girl Australia. She is currently the only hairdresser in Sydney to have completed Rezo global training in cutting and colouring curly hair. Also a creator of Maryanne facilitates specialised hands-on training to help hairdressers become specialists in cutting, colouring and styling hair. With a commitment to excellence, she is passionate about teaching and empowering hairdressers to transform their clients' hair and boost YOUR SALONS PROFITS & your understanding in curly hair.


What We Offer

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Growing your business through Education.
Immediate results! 

Hands-On Training Sessions

Improving your salon turnover & profits

Colouring Techniques for Curly Hair

#Roõ Cut
Curly Hair Cutting & Styling Techniques

Girl With Flat Cap

Upskilling your business
Improving your salon turnover 
Developing growth in staff education
Creating a sought after salon


“Maryanne is an incredible educator and mentor. Her training has transformed my approach to cutting and styling curly hair. She has given me the confidence to serve my clients better and grow my business. My books are now full, this is all thanks to her training.”

- Sarah Smith

“Maryanne's training is hands down the best investment I've made in my career. Her techniques and methods are practical and effective. I highly recommend her to any hairdresser looking to specialize in curly hair.”

- Jessica Lee

“Maryanne is a passionate and knowledgeable educator. Her training has helped me become more confident and skilled in cutting and styling curly hair. I'm so grateful for her support and guidance.”

- Alex Jones

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